Hajj 2020 put in further doubt as Coronavirus cases spike

Curfew reinstated in Jeddah from Saturday 6th June

Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Interior has announced a series of restrictions to curb the spread of Covid-19 in Jeddah that will last for 15 days. The restrictions will come into effect from Saturday and are a response to an evaluation of the health situation in the city by the relevant authorities. The curfew in Jeddah will be between 3 p.m. and 6 a.m as of Saturday and mosques will close once again.

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Hajj announcement to be made on Monday 15th June

This news comes as the Muslim world awaits the Hajj announcement from Saudi Arabia on the 15th of June. Countries and travel agencies across the world have been told not to confirm any Hajj 2020 bookings until an official announcement is made with Indonesia already banning the pilgrimage for its citizens due to Covid-19 fears and India saying that anyone over the age of 60 will not be allowed to travel for Hajj this year.

Employees of ministries, government agencies and private sector companies in the city of Jeddah will not work from the office. Restaurants and cafes will no longer serve food and drink on their premises and gatherings of more than five people are prohibited. Domestic flights and train journeys will continue to operate and people can enter and exit the city outside of the curfew. Those people who were exempted from previous restrictions continue to be exempted from the current restrictions provided that they comply with the relevant procedures. The interior ministry added the number of critical cases in Riyadh is being monitored and appropriate action will be taken should the number of coronavirus cases continue to rise as has been the case recently.

Meanwhile, the health ministry announced 2,591 new cases of Covid-19, 31 deaths from the disease and 1,651 new recoveries from it on Friday.

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