How safe is the Haram?

Makkah, Saudi Arabia

The Saudi Gazette recently reported that Saudi Arabia is the safest country out of the G20 nations. This news comes after the Sustainable Development Report 2020 was published. The report details how each country in the UN is working towards the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, and what more they need to do, to accomplish them by 2030.

Out of all the G20 countries, Saudi Arabia ranked first in terms of public confidence in law enforcement services and the success of such services in bringing about order and safety.

What other factors affect the safety of Saudi Arabia? The website’s profile on the Kingdom states that the crime rate is generally low. There is a risk of flooding between November and February, as a result of the heavy rain, and that travellers should check news outlets for weather forecasts.

Currently, there are a limited number of flights available from the UK to the Kingdom. Travellers must have a valid visa and a PCR-test certificate with them.

By Nasria Begum



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