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Fundraising Tips

5 Tips to help you get 25+ donations in Pilgrims Contest

1. Get your family and friends behind you

Your first supporters will be the people in your life. So ask your mother, father, brothers and sisters for their help! Got a big family? Great! This is where big families come to work!

Personally call 5 family members or send them a text message, Facebook message, email, asking in person, or by making a phone call.

2. Share on social media and WhatsApp story

Sharing your fundraiser with your Facebook and WhatsApp network should be the next step to getting donations, and it’s our best tip if you’re looking to increase donations.

When posting to social media, add a personalised message with your link, explaining why your campaign means so much to you, and how grateful you’ll be for a donation or share! A simple, direct, and heartfelt appeal will get you the most views. We do not recommend broadcast messages.

3. Post frequent updates

Supporters appreciate receiving updates. Why not leaderboard screengrabs and share to your WhatsApp story or family groups?

4. Use our videos and photos

We’ve created template images and videos that you can share with your donors. Use them!

5. Show your appreciation

Always thank your donors, as soon as you can! Your donors are sharing their hard earned money to help you accomplish something that is important to you.

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