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Pilgrim Volunteer Announcement

Guidelines around the Coronavirus are ever-changing. And so, with your weekly covid-19 updates, we’d thought we’d send our volunteers one of ours. We have some bad news, and some good news.

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We’ve got some bad news, BUT all is not lost!

Sorry to alarm you, it's not bad. Let's say just its not great. Two of our events got cancelled which has thrown our plans for Volunteer events out the window!

Al Noor Boat Race

The Al Noor Boat Race, scheduled for 22nd August 2020 was cancelled earlier this week by the Al Noor Foundation. The boat race is not expected to take place until early next year.

Snowdon Trek

Due to the ever changing guidelines around Coronavirus, the Pilgrim team have decided to postpone the Snowdon Trek which was intended to take place on the 4th July 2020. A new date will be arranged once guidelines are clearer on outdoor activities for groups.

Funds raise for Snowdon have already been allocated to the Umrah Fund. Team members will keep volunteers informed on nomination rounds, surprises and those who are selected to take part. Ultimately, funds raised will change the lives of dozens in the coming weeks and months.

Ofcourse you can. The Umrah Fund is open to anyone who has faced trials and tribulations. We encourage volunteers to nominate someone they feel is deserving. To nominate, simply visit

Yes. The Pilgrim team will communicate any changes so that you can decide if you wish to take part at a future date. Current committed volunteers will always get first choice.

So, what now?

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We’ve decided that we simply cannot get beat down by the ever-changing landscape during this pandemic. So whilst we await further guidelines around events such as Snowdon, we’ve put together a list of various activities you can get involved in.

There’s plenty to take us through to the winter!

We're keen to involve our volunteers across our programmes. This Dhul Hijjah period, we have 20 available surprise slots for volunteers to take part in. If you want to surprise one of our chosen nominees, get in touch with the Pilgrim team and express your interest.

Our first ever annual Hajj quiz takes place on the 26th July 2020. Register free and take part with your family, win prizes and learn plenty about the pilgrimage. Register for free now at

Our Hajj series will take volunteers and audiences through a unique journey, studying the Pilgrimage. All courses are free for volunteers to join. See below for a list of webinars, check back regularly to see when registrations are open.

  1. Why Hajj should be on your bucket list - Ustadh Shabbir Hassan
  2. The First Hajj
  3. Secrets of Makkah
  4. Secrets of Madinah
  5. 8 years as a Hajj volunteer
  6. Do I need to pay Zakat on my Hajj?
  7. Who was Ibrahim?
  8. Hajj through the years

Now into its 12th week, weekly Quran Classes continue for the brothers. Quran classes for sisters will begin on the 7th July 2020. More updates to follow via the sisters volunteering group.

As part of our commitment to serving volunteers, we've put together a range of mentoring sessions to help volunteers find their calling. If you're interested in speaking to one of our mentors, let the Pilgrim fundraising team know and they'll arrange something with you.

Have you or a family member taken part in the Hajj? Do you want to share your journey as part of a docu-series with Pilgrim? Sign up here.

Want to keep in touch throughout the year on Pilgrim events, challenges and programmes? Join our WhatsApp group by becoming a volunteer.

In it together!

Pilgrim sees you as vital part of our extended team and we are always looking for ways to improve and help others. We thank you once again for your commitment, passion and the strength you choose to show.

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Warm regards,

Mohammed Nur, Fundraising Manager

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