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What to carry for your Umrah?

1- Toothbrush and toothpaste.

2- Comb or Hairbrush.

3- An Alarm clock.

4- Four sets of Salwar Kurta (a type of dress) or long dress and some undergarments for a woman.

5- Four shirts, two pants, two pajamas and some undergarments for a man.

6- Unscented dusting powder.

7- Unscented soap and shampoo.

8- One pair of rubber slippers and one pair of very comfortable shoes.

9- Alarm Clock.

10- Money Pouch.

11- Sunglasses to save yourself from sunlight.

12- Light umbrella to save yourself from rays of the Sun.

13- A smartphone or tablet.

14- Basic medicines.

15- Pocket Quran and duas book.

16- Lightweight prayer mat.

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