Umrah Guide

This Umrah guide was produced by Pilgrim in partnership with Sara International.

1. Umrah Preparation

Embarking on Umrah requires spiritual and logistical preparation. This section offers insights and guidelines to ensure you're mentally and physically ready for this sacred journey.

  • Virtue of Umrah
  • Makkah: The Haram
  • Repeat Umrah
  • Best time to perform Umrah
  • Umrah in Ramadan
  • Nusuk App
  • Testing

2. Umrah Sites

Explore the sacred sites of Umrah, each brimming with rich history and spiritual significance. From Masjid al-Haram to Safa and Marwah, discover the stories and importance of each landmark on this enlightening pilgrimage journey.

  • Masjid Al Haram
  • Kabah
  • Well of ZamZam
  • Station of Ibrahim
  • Mount Safa and Marwah

3. Travel

Navigating travel for Umrah can be daunting. Here, we simplify the process, providing essential tips and recommendations for a smooth pilgrimage journey.

  • Landing at the airport
  • Hiring private cars
  • Travelling by land

4. Umrah Overview

Umrah, a sacred pilgrimage in Islam, offers a journey of reflection and devotion in Makkah. This section provides a concise introduction, capturing its essence, rituals, and significance, guiding both novices and those familiar with its profound traditions. Dive in to grasp the heart of this spiritual endeavor.

  • What is Umrah?
  • How long does Umrah take?
  • Virtue of Umrah
  • Best time to perform Umrah
  • Umrah in Ramadan

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