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2020 Pilgrimage Hajj Stories Webinar Documentary Umrah Fund

As part of our mission to help Muslims respond to the Prophetic call of our forefather Ibraahim, peace and blessings be upon him, we are delighted to open calls for participation in our Hajj docuseries ‘Hajj Stories’.

Every year, 25,000 British Muslims make the pilgrimage to Makkah, each journey in responding to that call bears its trials and achievements. This docuseries aims to explore what Hajj,  the great pilgrimage to Makkah means to a variety of believers. We’re inviting you to take part and share your story from home and be part of this unique series scheduled to be shared throughout this years Dhul Hijjah period. Be part of this unique social series aiming to inspire the world about the greatest journey on Earth, register your interest below.

Eligibility Criteria:

Must have taken part in the Hajj (Pilgrimage) between 1970 and 2019,

Must provide photos and video footage to supplement video interview,

Must be able to participate between 15th June and 15th July 2020,

All interviews will take place online via recording software,

Take part by registering your interest below:


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