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Videos Available: 30th November

# Video Title Status Sponsored By
21 Can a woman perform Umrah during her Iddah? Sold Gulaf Miah & Family
26 Do I need my husband’s permission to perform Hajj?
28 Can a woman wear perfume or deodorant in ihram? Sold The Syed Ali Family
32 Can women run between the green lights in sai? Sold Ashraful Khan
35 Must a woman shower before passing meeqat?
36 Can women leave Muzdalifah early?
37 Can a woman look in a mirror during Hajj or umrah?
38 Can women perform the hady?
41 Can I perform voluntary Tawaf after Hajj/Farewell Tawaf?
45 Can I pray in Masjid Namirah during Hajj?
51 What is Tawaf Al Qudum?
57 What is Aziziyah? Fahim Ali Anonymous
58 Do I need to catch up missed prayers before doing Hajj?
61 Does a women need to pay for her mahram’s travel if they cannot afford it?
65 Can I wear perfume just before entering ihram? old Anonymous
66 Are prayers shortened Mina?
69 Should I add conditions to my Umrah or Hajj intention?
73 Can I wash my ihram clothes? (scented detergent/soap)
75 Should I delay shaving during umrah if I plan to shave after Hajj?
77 What is major and minor ihram? Sold Alvis Catering
78 Why do I have to throw stones at the Jamaraat in Hajj? Sold Late Haji Sunahar Ali
101 What does the word Sa’i mean?
103 Am I allowed to do shopping whilst on Hajj or Umrah?
105 Why is the Kaaba black? Sold Abdul Subahan
107 What is the importance of the Hateem and history with the Ka’abah? Sold Mahtab Ahmed And Family
110 Why is Mount Nur important? Sold Zubeda Patel And Family
111 Can I perform Hajj without gong to Madinah?
112 What is Dhul Hulaifah?
113 Can I use my parents ihram?
116 What is the Ihram? Sold Anonymous
117 What is Masjid Quba? Sold Late Abdur Rouf
118 Can you touch the Kaaba kiswa during umrah or Hajj? Sold Tahera Begum
119 Can a man cut his own hair after Hajj or Umrah?
120 What time must I arrive and depart from Muzdalifah?
121 Should I stay the extra day in Mina? Sold Monzur Ahmed
122 Should I raise my hands when passing the Rukn Yamani?
124 Do I need wudhu for Sa’i? Sold Tahira Hussain
126 Where do you enter ihram on 8th day of dhul hijjah?
127 What time/when must you arrive at Arafah? Sold Saleha Khatun and Salma Begum
128 Do I combine or shorten prayers at Muzdalifah?
129 How many stones do I need to pick for Jamarat? Sold Muhammad Bemath
131 Does Hajj erase missed fasting? Sold East Side Assist
132 How do I shave my hair if I am already bald?
133 Is it permissible to vlog my Hajj or Umrah experience? Sold Aerial Ark
134 What are the different types of Hajj? Sold Akbar Family
135 Can I pay for someone else’s Hajj? Sold Kingsley, Naeem, Bogac
137 Is takbir tashreeq obligatory?
157 Can my husband pay for my hajj?
158 Can I delay my Hajj if I am pregnant?
98 Du’a when visiting Baqi? Sold Sofina Khatun
162 If I fall asleep in the haram, do I need to renew my wudhu? Sold The Kawther Family
163 Can I perform wudhu with zamzam water? Sold Anonymous
166 Can I perform the salah after tawaf during a forbidden time?
167 Can someone perform the sa’i on my behalf?

Videos Sold: 30th November

# Video Title Status Sponsored By
11 What is Ziyarah? Sold Shefe Family
16 Can I perform more than one Hajj? Sold Eama Khanom
18 Can I do Umrah instead of Hajj? Sold Fatheha Begum
33 What surahs should I recite in the 2 rakahs when entering Ihram? Sold Estateology LTD
44 Can I pray in my hotel in Makkah and receive the same reward? Sold Arissa Sahara
46 What colour can my ihram be? Sold Liyana Akbar & Idris Owais Akbar
47 Is Abandoning Hajj a Sign of Qiyamah? Sold Adana/Rajon and Family
53 Can I wear Ihram from home? Sold Juhinoor Faruki
54 Can you perform Hajj with Haram earnings? Sold Bogac Erduran
56 Do I need to spend the whole day in Arafah? Sold Late Abdur Rahim
59 Is my tawaaf and salah valid if there are impurities on my ihram? Sold Wasim Iqbal and Afsheen Iqbal
62 Can I change my ihram? Sold Adana/Rajon and Family
70 What order should the rituals on day of nahr be done? Sold Inayat Begum
76 Why do men expose right shoulder in tawaaf? Sold Adana/Rajon and Family
79 What other acts of worship can I do in Makkah? Sold Khatun Khan-Phatan Family
97 What should I recite during the stoning of jamarat (rami)? Sold Dhaba Kitchen
99 What is inside the Ka’abah? Sold Adana/Rajon and Family
106 What happens if I make a mistake during Hajj or Umrah? Sold Anjum Rashid
108 Do I need to do my will before Hajj or Umrah? Sold Abdul Samad Family
109 Why is Mount Uhud important? Sold Anonymous
114 Can I be buried in my ihram? Sold Adana/Rajon and Family
115 What is the reward for dying during Hajj? Sold Adana/Rajon and Family
123 What does it mean for Hajj to be a pillar of Islam? Sold Late Ghazala Khan
125 Why Should I Prepare for Hajj Now? Sold Ayatun Nessa
136 What’s the significance of the different stations in Hajj Sold Anonymous
139 How do we pray Salat al Janaza in the Haram? Sold Samiha Khatun
144 Who built the Kaaba and what is the history behind it? Sold Abdul Shafik Family
145 How do I give salam to the Prophet (saw) in Madinah? Sold Salamoth Khan and Mohammed Ishaq Ahmed
146 Can women go on Hajj or Umrah without a mahram? Sold Decoris Diamonds
147 What are the obligatory acts of Umrah? Sold Shayara Begum and Syed Abdurrahman
148 If I’m in debt, can I go on Hajj or Umrah? Sold Anonymous
149 What is the difference between Hajj and Umrah? Sold Mohammed Ataur Rahman
150 What is the reward for performing Hajj? Sold The Chowdhury Family
151 What are the benefits of drinking Zamzam water (and how do I do it)? Sold Adana/Rajon and Family
154 Who is Hajj obligatory upon? Sold Syed Kaptan Miah and Syeda Afia Sultana
155 How do you make intention for Umrah? Sold Samad Miah
165 What is the significance of the Black Stone? Sold Adana/Rajon and Family
170 Can I wear nails polish during Hajj or Umrah? Sold Decoris Diamonds

Videos Sold: 29th November

# Video Title Status Sponsored By
1 What are the best duas that I can make during the Tawaf? Sold Ihsaan Hussain
2 What is the Sa’i? Sold Shahab Uddin and Nazia Rushna Uddin
3 What do the Hujjaj do on the day of Eid? Sold Abdul Latif and Rokeya Latif
4 Three important tips when taking a child to Hajj and Umrah Sold Zain Zaman
5 How many times did the Prophet (saw) perform Hajj and Umrah? Sold Anonymous
6 Are you allowed to take photos during Umrah or Hajj? Sold Aerial Ark
7 What is the Du’a to recite after hearing the adhan? Sold Behalf of All Muslims
8 What is Jannat al-Baqī? Sold Luckman Miah
9 What is the reward of praying salah in Masjid Al Haram? Sold Quaker Street
10 What is Hajj Badal? Sold Quaker Street
12 How long is Umrah? Sold Quaker Street
13 When can Umrah be done? Sold Baby Kapadia
14 What is the history and importance of Madinah? Sold AFM Wahiduzzaman
15 Can I enter Makkah without ihram? Sold Quaker Street
17 Which type of Hajj is best? Sold Azam Abas
19 Can a woman perform Hajj during her Iddah? Sold Farhana Toki
20 Why do men run under the green light during Sa’i? Sold Muhammad Rafill
22 Do women need a mahram for Tawaf? Sold Adam Al-Haque & Mohammed Israfil Yunus Al-Haque
23 What does a woman wear for Ihram? Sold Maryam Eliza Al-Haque & Amaya Al-Haque
24 Can a woman wear niqab during Hajj or Umrah? Sold Quaker Street
25 Can a woman perform Hajj on behalf of a male? Sold Quaker Street
27 What is Masjid Ayesha? Sold Tanim Zaman
29 Can a woman wear makeup or jewellery in ihram? Sold Decoris Diamonds
30 Can a woman brush her hair in ihram? Sold Quaker Street
31 How should women recite the talbiyah? Sold Quaker Street
34 What are the differences between men and women’s umrah? Sold Samina Sajad
39 What counts as a mahram for a woman? Sold Shaer Family
40 Is there Tahiyatul Masjid for the Haram in Makkah? Sold Negib Sherif & Yazan Shaheen
42 Where can I pray the 2 Rakat Prayer After Tawaf? Sold Quaker Street
43 What surahs should I recite in my prayer after Tawaf? Sold Quaker Street
48 Can Tawaf be performed on behalf of others? Sold Late Koyes Ahmed Choudhury
49 Can you take breaks during Tawaf? Sold Late Haji Ghulab Din and Late Hajjah Jaan Begum
50 Can you do Tawaf without ihram? Sold Iqbal Uddin
52 Can I wear a belt, watch or accessories in ihram? Sold Sukur Ali
55 Can a group of women pray in front of a group of men in the Haram? Sold Shebly Begum
60 Does my sa’i break if salah time comes in and I join the congregation? Sold Mohammed Javed Iqbal and Kalsum Iqbal
63 Do I need to ask forgiveness from people before Hajj or Umrah? Sold Karim Family
64 Do I need to make up any owed fasts before performing Hajj? Sold Burgers LDN
67 Should I convey the salam of others to the Prophet (saw) in Madinah? Sold Anonymous
68 Does bleeding from a cut affect my ihram? Sold Anonymous
71 What are the stages of Hajj? Sold Anonymous
72 How long is Hajj? Sold Aayah & Safa Hassan
74 Must I say my intention out loud for Hajj or umrah? Sold Z Yaqoob
80 Practical tips for Mina? Ladies, families Sold Motimala Begum
81 What actions can a woman on her menses perform during Hajj? Sold Dilara Begum
82 Top items to pack for Hajj or Umrah for Women Sold Khoyrun Nessa
83 Advice for Hajj and Umrah with a baby Sold
84 How much hair should a woman cut when coming out of Ihram? Sold Luxxe Productions
85 Practical tips for Hajj with children Sold Asma Chowdhury
86 When can women kiss the black stone? Advice for women Sold Afsana Begum
87 Advice for women giving salam to the Prophet (saw)? Inc. Times, gates. Sold Sarah Jaffar Shah
88 What should I pack for Hajj or Umrah? Sold Burgers LDN
89 Du’a when sacrificing an animal? Sold Anonymous
90 Du’a when entering Madinah? Sold Najia Firdous
91 Du’a when returning home? Sold Salema Akther
92 Can we cut our hair and nails during the first ten days of dhul hijjah? Sold Piara Begum
93 Du’a for saving up for Hajj? Sold Harim Qadri
94 Du’a for leaving home? Sold Mikaeel Nur
95 Du’a when bidding farewell for Hajj? Sold Late Muhammad Abdul Qaiyum
96 What dua should we recite in the hateem? Sold Sayma Khanom
161 How to tie the Ihram for Hajj and Umrah Sold Mohammad A Miah
100 What does the word tawaf mean? Sold Anonymous
102 Do you need wudhu for Tawaf? Sold Moznu Ali
104 What is the history of Mount Safa? Sold The Habibs
130 Does Hajj erase missed prayers? Sold Negm Family
138 Reward of praying in Masjid Quba? Sold Burgers LDN
140 What is the difference between Hady and Udhiya? Sold Islamic Relief UK
141 What kind of animals can be slaughtered for Qurbani? Sold Islamic Relief UK
142 How should Udhiya be distributed? Sold Islamic Relief UK
143 Can you perform umrah on behalf of two people, with one intention? Sold Zakariya & Ayyoub
152 Do I need to pray 2 rakahs when entering Ihram? Sold Beeni Chowdhury
153 Is it permissible to keep fast during Hajj or Umrah? Sold Burgers LDN
156 If I have a mortgage, can I perform Hajj? Sold Mujahid Ali
159 Can I eat during Umrah? Sold Burgers LDN
160 What surahs should I recite in the 2 rakish when entering Ihram? Sold Late Hajjah Jaan Begum
164 Can I walk in front of a person performing salah, if I am doing tawaf? Sold Jordache S.Nawesi
168 Can someone perform tawaf on my behalf during Hajj (if I’m unwell)? Sold Iqbal family
169 Is Hajj compulsory for the disabled? Sold Anonymous


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