Défi Ramadan

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Enrich your Ramadan by doing charity on a daily basis.

Enjoy giving with Mufti Menk and 100,000 people

Automate your donations

Enjoy giving with Mufti Menk and 100,000 people

Make the most of Ramadan

There are many things you want to accomplish in this blessed month, and we've covered your daily act of charity for you. Joining the Ramadan Challenge means you can set how much you want to donate once this Ramadan, and we'll take care of the rest for you.

Automate your donations

Why join the challenge?

Set your daily donation amount

Your donations will be automated and you will receive a daily receipt telling you where your donation is going.

Control where you give

You can add campaigns to a donation list or LaunchGood will choose for you.

Track your donations during Ramadan

You can track your donations on a personal donation grid.

Donate to 30 unique causes

You can be sure that your donation will reach 30 unique campaigns around the world. You will donate to thirty unique causes over thirty days.

Make sure you have donated every day

Your donation will be automated to ensure you never miss giving charity during Ramadan

Full transparency

You will receive a daily receipt so you know where your funds went 100% of the time.

Note: The ramadan challenge is run and owned by LaunchGood

Blessed days.
Sacred nights.
Endless rewards.

Give a little, do a lot. See the real impact your giving creates around the world.

Automate your donations