Noor Jehan

At 62 years of age, Noor Jehan has been through many hardships in her life. Despite her ill health, Noor Jehan has yearned to visit the House of Allah (swt) for years.

Omar Salha

Omar Salha

Omar joined the Umrah Fund as a team member in 2018.

Peter Abdur Rahman

Peter had explored every religion and finally arrived at Islam. Soon after, you gave him the gift of Umrah.

Rofiquen Nessa Begum

After seeing her son and daughter in law benefit from the Umrah Fund. Rofiquen decided to join the Umrah Fund programme in 2019.

Rumel Kamaly

“I feel content. Prior to going on Umrah, I felt like everything needed to be buried. After doing Umrah and letting my emotions out, I feel content"

Saeed Khan

Saeed became the sole breadwinner of the family at a young age. Alongside his father, he had seven sisters to provide for

Shabbir Hassan

Shabbir Hassan is a trustee for Pilgrim. He joined the 2018 December cohort as a guide.