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Pilgrim launches as registered charity


These are unprecedented times, and now more than ever, we need to find solutions that bring us together. After three years of bringing joy to Muslims through the Umrah Fund, today, we launched as a charitable organisation. We praise Allah, who controls all our affairs for allowing us to achieve this milestone.

At the heart of our organisation, is our website, which aims to provide instant guidance to Pilgrims worldwide.

As the coronavirus spreads throughout the world, we understand the sadness Muslims are feeling when they see the grounds of our beloved Masjid in Makkah empty. And, for the thousands who intended to make the Hajj this year, we know the uncertainty of the future is stressful.

Pilgrim’s vision is to help every Muslim respond to the call of Prophet Ibrahim, peace and blessings be upon him.

So, for now, we’ll try our best to bring you relevant information to help you find answers to the questions you need answering.

And in the future, we’ll work hard to educate, inspire and uplift Muslims through pilgrimage, making it the most spiritual journey of their lifetime.

There is so much more Pilgrim has to offer, we look forward to sharing more with you and thank you all for your continuous support. We thank each and every person who has supported us, from those £1 donations to the marathons, boat races and Umrah fund surprises, today celebrates you, and the effort you have all made to bring this vision to life.

In the meantime, check out our videos, articles and Umrah Fund to learn more.

Allah bless you,

The Pilgrim Team


Did you know? 

Pilgrim is building the world’s largest knowledge bank for guidance on Hajj and Umrah. Check it out now, click here.

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