Pilgrim Events

Hajj Through The Quran

Join Ustadh Jamal Abdinasir in this unqiue daily Dhul Hijjah Quran series. Join him each night at 10:00pm for a 30 minute immersive Quranic insight into the lif...

10 Blessed Days

The best ten days for a believer are around the corner. What can you do to make the most out of it? Join LaunchGood and Pilgrim as we bring you Shaykh Hasib Noo...

The Final Sermon

About: 10 years after Hijrah in the Uranah Valley of mount Arafat, the final sermon was given. It was clear, concise and directed to the entire humanity. Unders...

Footsteps Of Hajar

Indulge in the amazing story of Hajar, who’s footsteps millions of Muslims emulate every single year.    

The Legacy of Ibrahim

The Hajj; it all begin with our father, Prophet Ibrahim (as), one of the greatest of God’s creations. How much do you know about him?  

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