Pilgrim Events

The Final Sermon

About: 10 years after Hijrah in the Uranah Valley of mount Arafat, the final sermon was given. It was clear, concise and directed to the entire humanity. Unders...

Footsteps Of Hajar

Indulge in the amazing story of Hajar, who’s footsteps millions of Muslims emulate every single year.    

The Legacy of Ibrahim

The Hajj; it all begin with our father, Prophet Ibrahim (as), one of the greatest of God’s creations. How much do you know about him?  

Hajj: A Historical Walkthrough

How has the Hajj changed throughout history? Journey with us as we embrace a historical walkthrough of the largest pilgrimage in the world.  

Mansa Musa

Learn the story of the first Muslim ruler in West Africa to make the nearly four thousand mile journey to Makkah!  

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