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In order to get sign-ups, you should create content that appeals to your audience. You should inspire, motivate and encourage your audience to take part in the Ramadan Challenge.

Check out the videos below which other participants have created to encourage sign-ups.


We’re on a mission to make giving easy, fun, and impactful this Ramadan! The LaunchGood Ramadan Challenge is a 30-day automated giving challenge that allows your audience to maximise their blessings by supporting inspiring campaigns each day from incredible Muslims across the world!

You are inviting people to Join the Ramadan Challenge between through to .

However, the actual challenge daily charges begin on the (the first day of Ramadan). The challenge lasts for 30 days.

Each influencer or participant is given a unique link . This is the link that was attached via email and the link that you should share to your networks and audiences. Each user who signs up using this link will be accredited to you.

A successful sign-up is a user/donor who joins the Ramadan Challenge using your link and completes the on-boarding process.

There is no maximum sign-up cap. That means your unique link can be used to sign-up as many people as you can.

In fact, that's what we want and we'd love that you sign-up as many people to make this project beneficial for you and for us. So yes, you can sign up 1000 people and we would pay you for that!

Any agreed upfront flat rate payments will be paid within 48 hours of signing contracts. All rewards and commission payments or fund deposits will be made after the . Payments will be made direct to the bank account or payment option you detailed when you have signed your contract.

The daily giving amount can be any amount the donor feels comfortable giving each day in Ramadan. They can choose to give as much as they wish. Promote people to give what they can afford. The more they give, the more the rewards. We ask that you do not ask people to give $1 a day as this invites low quality sign-ups.

You can see how many sign-ups you have by visiting this page daily. Results are live-tracked and updated at 10PM GMT everyday until the .

Donations go to registered and vetted charities on LaunchGood. Each day, a new unique project will be chosen and so the by the end of Ramadan, daily donations would have been made to 30 unique causes, from Orphans, Food projects, Iftar, Syria, Yemen and so much more. You're literally inviting people to do good!

Donations are processed through daily charges on the card the donor adds when they sign-up.

You're inviting your audience towards good, towards helping those in need, towards feeding the poor, gifting water and doing so much more. Your also inviting your audience to join you (note - you should also definitely join yourself using your own link!).

You should create content that you feel your audience can relate to, but here are some ideas:

  1.  Automating donations for Ramadan is a great way to ensure you never miss a day.
  2. Joining the Ramadan Challenge lets people give to 30 unique causes.
  3. Those who sign-up will commit now, meaning they will have already locked in their intention and thus be rewarded.
  4. Your audience will be joining a global Ummah in doing good.

Dhul Hijjah 2023

Challenge has ended

Sign-Ups Leaderboard