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Hajj 2021 is set to open for British pilgrims

Hajj 2021 is open for foreign pilgrims

The Ministry of Hajj (MoH) has released a brief statement indicating that foreign pilgrims, from outside of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, will be allowed to attend Hajj this year. The MoH has given conditions that all pilgrims will need to fulfil to be allowed to perform the Hajj. Hajj 2021 starts on July 17th (8th of Dhul Hijjah).

What are the conditions for those who wish to go?

Special precautions which are different to last year’s Hajj are as follows: all pilgrims must have had both doses of the Covid-19 vaccine, at least one week before the start of Hajj. Pilgrims must show a negative result on a PCR test for Covid-19 from a maximum of 72 hours before arrival into the Kingdom. Upon arrival into the country, external Hajj pilgrims will need to quarantine for 72 hours. During this time, they will do another PCR test to check for coronavirus.

As well as the above conditions, pilgrims will need to follow social distancing guidelines at all times. Inside buildings and tents (such as the tents at Mina), as well as when moving around, pilgrims will need to keep 1.5 metres apart. To maintain this, there are restrictions stating that a 15-person tent in Mina, will now accommodate 6 people in total.

Face masks must be worn throughout the whole Hajj. As a further precaution, the age of pilgrims has been restricted to exclude vulnerable groups so that only people aged between 18- 60 years old are allowed entry.

A changing situation

The above conditions could change at any time with developments in the Covid-19 situation around the globe. What is not yet clear are the actual numbers of pilgrims allowed entry from each country. However, this is likely to be revealed soon as Hajj season is approaching and the Kingdom’s preparations for Hajj 2021 are well under way.

By Nasria Begum

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