Charity Sweet Jars: Round-up!

Charity Sweet Jars: Round-up!

Another year, another milestone. Let’s take a trip down memory lane and see how things panned out for Charity Sweet Jars this Ramadan.

We started with 1,900KG of sweets..

Eeek. That’s a lot of sweets. Many years ago Imran and Zain would go and collect sweets with our cars. These days, good old SweetZone delivers them to us right outside our office. We still have to take them up to the first floor. Some say it’s a good workout.

Then we needed 6,000 jars.

Can’t be called Charity Sweet Jars and not have jars! Because the pallets are so huge, we need to dismantle the pallets and take jars up in small crates. That’s 6,000 jars that needed to be taken off their pallets, taken to the first floor and then re-stacked. This is the most jars we’ve ever ordered.Β 

πŸ“ Fun Fact: This year we actually explored using Mylar Bags versus Jars. Computer said no. So we stuck to Jars.

After a whole heap of mixing, it was time to fill up the jars

According to Charity Sweet Jar scientists. There’s an art to the mixing.

  1. Don’t waste time trying to come up with a ‘quicker way of doing it’, you’ll just waste time,
  2. Your gloves will rip – 7 layers of gloves will not save you, just keep changing them,
  3. Eating whilst filling is part of quality assurance,

See this girl coming your way? You better fill your jars up faster..

If you want fun facts whilst filling up jars, stand next to this guy

Want good photos? Ask these two:

Now, what about sticker-ing?

πŸ“ Disclaimer: This year we had an issue with the stickers. We have carried out a deep dive investigation trying to understand why the sizing kept coming out wrong. We consulted doctors, scholars, physicians and pandas. But we are yet to find an answer. There is no answer. We will just have to wait till Judgement day to learn more.

The Sticker Family

Props to this family, they must’ve stickered over 3,000 jars alone themselves!

And this dude below definitely stickered the remaining 2,000 himself!

We even had the original Sugar Daddy Safwan return to help us sticker some Jars.

πŸ“ Fun Fact: Safwan (original Sugar Daddy used to project manage Charity Sweet Jars for years 2 and 3).

This brother just seemed to like standing on tables..

In his defence, we don’t think anyone is as tall as those pallets.

What are the rules of Ihram? πŸ€”

The rules for men and women when you have entered Ihram are the same. Watch this video to learn what you cannot do in Ihram.

Do I need a backpack?πŸŽ’

Bring a small travel pouch as demonstrated in the workshop. There are also specific Umrah bags you can purchase from Islamic shops or online. This is mainly for your personal belongings – phone, money etc. The Pilgrim team will provide all Umrah Fund Pilgrims with several drawstring bags upon departure at Heathrow Airport. These are light and can be used to carry your diary, water and other essential items.

How much money should I bring with me? πŸ’Έ


Who will I share a room with? πŸ›οΈ


What is our journey schedule? πŸ“…

Flight Schedule: Outward Journey πŸ›«


Flight Schedule: Return Journey πŸ›¬


Airline: Royal Jordanian

Flight: RJ 723

Date: 21 MAY 2022

Departure Time: 06:10 AM

Luggage Allowances: πŸ›„

πŸ“ Note: The maximum weight on any baggage is 23KG. Bags weighing more than 23KG will not be accepted onto the flight.


What apps do I need to download?πŸ“±

Please download the following applications to your smartphone, we will be using these applications throughout the trip. You may already have some of these applications downloaded.

  1. Tawakalna – Apple / Android
  2. Eatmarna: Apple / Android
  3. Telegram: Apple / Android
  4. Whatsapp: Apple / Android

πŸ“ Note: Now join the following Telegram group:Β 

Other Important Items You Will Need: πŸ“‘

  1. You must bring a smartphone with you
  2. Your smartphone should be unlocked as you will need to buy a data sim when we land
  3. Bring a set of earphones that are compatible with your smartphone with you

Room Etiquettes ❀️

It is fitting the a Muslim to be conscious of their surroundings and to be mindful of those around you. For this reason, below are a recommended set of guidances that we ask you adhere to:

  1. Ask permission before making calls – This includes voice calls or video calls when inside your room. Where possible calls in the lobby area of the hotel. Wifi will be readily available throughout the hotels we stay in.
  2. Keep your rooms tidy – This includes making sure you keep your belongings in designated spaces in your room. This also includes chucking away rubbish and not leaving it in your room.
  3. Allow Others To Rest – You should always be mindful of allowing others in your room to rest and sleep. If one person is resting and the other individuals in the room want to speak, you should take your conversation to the lobby.
  4. Snoring And Health – We all have different health needs and some people may have snoring difficulties. If you are someone who snores please bring with you tools to help you reduce the impact of your snoring. If you are a light sleeper – bring with you earphones or earplugs which can help you drown out any loud noise from snorers in your room. Everyone will experience some discomfort and this is part and parcel of traveling as a group and building bonds.Β 
  5. Food Consumption – If all Pilgrims in the room are eating together it’s ok to take food to you room. Otherwise, always ask permission before taking hot food to your room. As always, chuck away rubbish when done and do not leave food lying around in the room.

Workshops and Sessions πŸ‘¨β€πŸ«

  • Know the schedule – We will share with you the programme schedule beforehand. You should familiarise yourself with this. It is not good enough to say β€˜I didn’t know’. Please ensure you are aware of the activities we will be carrying out throughout the week,
  • Be on time – Turning up on time to workshops and sessions is demanded from all Pilgrims. We will always inform you in advance of the time and location to meet. You should ensure you arrive at the latest 5 minutes before the session begins. If you for some reason are caught up, you should communicate this to the Pilgrim team,
  • Be Attentive – The Pilgrim team invest substantial time in planning workshops and sessions. During all sessions, you should be 100% attentive and engaged. It is disrespectful for you to be engaged in other activities such as replying to messages or browsing social media when taking part in workshops or sessions,

Language and Speech 🌐

  1. English First – We ask all Pilgrims to speak in English. The only time you can speak in Bengali is if you are alone with the person you are conversing with and both of you welcome the discussion in another language,
  2. Profanity – In no circumstances should there be any profanity during the trip. Any Pilgrim caught using profanity during the trip will be addressed by the team,
  3. Concerns and Complaints – If you have any concerns, questions or complaints about anything you experience, including any engagements with other Pilgrims, please bring this to the attention of Zain or Imran,

Umrah Resources:

What is the Dua for Ihram?

How I do Tawaf?

Can I wear a facemask in Ihram?

How do men tie the Ihram garments?

The Talbiyah: How do you say it?

What do you do if your wudhu breaks during Tawaf?

Dua For Starting Sai From Mount Safa:

When we arrive at Mount Safa to begin out Sai, we will begin by reciting the following. This is Page 23 on your diaries (the below image is an updated version which reduces the Arabic).